7 year old girl takes My Santa to her public school in Michigan to share the truth of Christmas!

Hi Brandi,

I thought you would want to know,  my niece and her three children loved your book (kids ages are 7, 12 and 13)!  She has posted a a review on Facebook and encouraged her friends to buy (she lives in Michigan).   They are not allowed to have any religious themes at the public school for Christmas, but my 7 year old niece took the book to school with her today because she wanted to share Jesus with her friends!!!  Your book is making an impact!

Deborah Hubbs


The inspiration for My Santa

It was Christmas Eve 2008 when My Santa flooded my soul with this story.  As the words welled up I frantically poured them out onto the only paper I could find, offering envelopes in the pew backs.  I looked a little distracted at candle light service that evening.

Why is it just now being released?  If My Santa had been published before I met Julia Mann it would be incomplete.  Her visual illustration on the story is better than what I could see in my mind.  We were clearly intended to go on this journey together.  It is just the beginning...