My Santa imore than a Christmas story.  Like the very Word of God, it is piercing, separating truth from fiction, with the fuel to ignite the heart of a child.  When children look deeper into the story of Santa, it is the perfect time to introduce them to the Faithful One who awaits them every day.  

This story is about a child who trades Santa for Jesus.

"As I gaze at the beautiful lights on the tree

I am reminded my Jesus died there for me.

God’s gift to the world is mine to receive.

I now have decided in what I believe." 

My Santa is the first of a series of books that illuminate the mind of a child, transitioning them from traditions of this world to the truth of Jesus. 

My Santa is a teaching tool for parents, grandparents, guardians, Sunday school teachers, Christian school teachers and Christian counselors to transition children from tradition to truth. Bible references are provided throughout the entire story with a study guide at the end.

The target audience is age 7+ with parental discretion.